Johanna wants to work for Google!

Dear Google Doodle Team,

I am Johanna Rupprecht, visual development artist and illustrator currently based in Germany. After seeing an interview with Sophie Diao, I decided to create this application to express my interest in a position on the Googe Doodle team!

Further down, you'll find a selection of sketches and references I used. 



200th Anniversary of Prado Museum, Spain’s main national art museum (opened November 1819)


World Cleanup Day (September 21, 2019)


160th birthday of Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (born November 10, 1859)


251th birthday of Wang Zhenyi (born 1768)


200th Anniversary of Prado Museum, Spain’s main national art museum (November 1819)

I like the idea of framing the Google letters within one of Prado’s exhibition rooms, but believe it takes away too much of the spotlight from its 200th birthday. While the Prado Museum has many pretty facades and sights, it felt most appropriate to depict its famous „Puerta de Velázquez“ for this occasion.


World Cleanup Day (September 21, 2019)

For World Cleanup Day, I wanted to highlight the pristine beauty of our surroundings, if we humans learn to solve our ongoing pollution issues. With my thumbnail of choice I also wanted to point out the collaborative efforts of people cleaning up our environments. To stay on the encouraging and hopeful side of the message, I aimed for a ratio of about 20-30% trash/dark side to 70-80% „beautiful nature“.


160th birthday of Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (November 10, 1859)

Steinlen’s famous „Le Chat noir“ artwork is one of my favourite art pieces: An elegant, bold statement of a black cat (which I love dearly). As such, the initial idea was very straightforward - take the cat, combine with some of his other works to represent the artist more wholly, and reinterpret everything in a way that encompasses the spirit of his work, yet also sparks interest in those who know the famous poster. 

While the initial idea came together quickly, the latter part is where it got tricky: How to interpret this iconic cat in a way that keeps the spirit, yet feels fresh? I ended up combining two of his cats, a more inky and reduced way of painting, and the font style from yet another poster art of his.


251th birthday of Wang Zhenyi (born 1768)

Zhenyi was an astronomer, mathematician and poet living during the Qing Dynasty. Despite the feudal customs of the time limiting women’s rights, she conducted her own scientific experiments, wrote books and articles and simplified complex mathematical and astronomical phenomena for beginners to understand. For the Doodle, I explored showing her research on lunar eclipses and/or her working with the Pythagorean Theorem and Trigonometry. Additional props are nods to her writing of articles, books, and poetry on various subjects.


Thank you for your time! I would greatly appreciate hearing back from you.

PS: This page is only accessible by the link I sent you. My use of the Google logo is only meant to give you an idea of my approach and skillset, I will not post them in public to respect your trademark rules.

Warm Regards,