Duality-52 is a tidally locked planet located in the habitable zone of its star, which allowed rich alien flora and fauna to evolve, and attracted humans and other sentient species to build colonies. Duality-52 is personal project I was developing together with Yen Shu Liao in 2015, and still hoping to find the time to pick it up again eventually!

Johanna rupprecht 2015 d52 lyraina enviro coffeehouse

Ismael's Coffee

Johanna rupprecht johannarupprecht week8 coffee callout 1500

Orthographic view

Johanna rupprecht lyraina portfolio2

Generator Complex

Johanna rupprecht lyraina portfolio2b

Generator Complex - Exploration

Johanna rupprecht johanna rupprecht johannarupprecht week4a generator colors

Generator Complex - Mood

Johanna rupprecht lyraina portfolio3

Guard's Room

Johanna rupprecht lyraina portfolio3b


Johanna rupprecht lyraina portfolio4

Character Designs 1

Johanna rupprecht lyraina portfolio4b

Character Designs 2