Storytelling Sketches

After getting feedback from John Nevarez and Goro Fujita that I need to improve my visual storytelling skills, I challenged myself to do one study painting each day, focused on a certain story, emotion or narrative moment. Many times I find myself inspired by something I observed or thought about on my morning walk, a story that came up while talking with friends, or a memory of past times.
The individual images are not meant to be related, as I am starting from scratch each day and see what comes to my mind.
Here is a selection of my favourites so far! More like these and some work in progress shots can be found in the "Daily Story Painting" Folder of my Artstation Community profile.

Johanna rupprecht 20180324

"A gift." (There is a tree stump just like that in a nearby forest - it fooled me for a moment!)

Johanna rupprecht 20180330b

After work hours

Johanna rupprecht 20180331

Mischivous Monkeys

Johanna rupprecht 20180410b


Johanna rupprecht 20180419

Not cool!

Johanna rupprecht 20181020

Pumpkin Chase

Johanna rupprecht 20180422

Leaving your wacom plugged in overnight...

Johanna rupprecht 20180503

"Trashmaid" for Environmental Awareness (Mermay Challenge 2018)

Johanna rupprecht 20180501

Catching Dinner (Mermay Challenge 2018)

Johanna rupprecht 20180504

Goldfish Mermaid for Animal Rights Awareness (Mermay Challenge 2018)

Johanna rupprecht 20180427

Little Chef (true story!)

Johanna rupprecht 20181023

Love Potion

Johanna rupprecht 20180521

Fitting in

Johanna rupprecht 20181019


Johanna rupprecht 20180520


Johanna rupprecht 20181105